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Social Marketing

One of the most important things you can do when establishing, maintaining and growing a company is communicate with your target audience. Most marketing is one directional speaking to your potential customers. Wouldn’t it be better to have an open dialogue instead. Enter Social Marketing.

Social Marketing is using the various social media outlets as a forum to not only promote your product or service, but to create a forum where you can get direct feedback from potential consumers, answer questions and allow them to share their experiences with your company to their friends and family. It’s taking the old word of mouth way of marketing and rewiring it.

Why FreeStyle? There are many companies out there that will do your social marketing for you. They’ll pull content from the web and maybe regurgitate some of the offers and info you feed them. What sets us apart is that we are creative storytellers, passionate about communicating. With our backgrounds in news, marketing, graphic design and computer savvy, we have the skills and the foresight to not just talk at the masses, but to connect with your target audience. Sure, we’ll make sure your feeds and posts are passing along the most relevant and up to date information that we personally find for you on the web. But we take it a step further by engaging your potential clients, making sure everything you have to say puts you in the best light and keeps people coming back for more. We’ll make sure questions are quickly answered, offers are made to sound their best, and information about your company is disseminated ASAP.